Our Story

Founded in 2023, Après Soul was created as a lifestyle brand
inspired by the camaraderie, friendly competition, and rush of endorphins after
shared experiences and adventures. Our designs and products have been
meticulously crafted for style, comfort, and quality but also as a reflection
of the warmth, laughter, and authenticity rooted in the most genuine

Amy Corcell, our Founder & CEO, conceived the vision for Après Soul well into her 40s as life took her from career professional to full-time mom. Tennis became a passion and the connections and camaraderie with other players after a lesson, match, or clinic truly hooked her. While those interactions were initially expressed as competitive ‘après’ banter, they quickly converted to meaningful conversations and lasting friendships. It was the ‘après’ off the court that elevated tennis for Amy, and it quickly became clear, her energy wasn’t only driven by what happened on the court, it was the APRÈS that fed her soul! We encourage each of you to find your APRÈS SOUL!